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  Concrete is a Portland cement, sand and aggregate based material. It can easily be cast in molds to create a highly durable and weather resistant product. Cast concrete, by its nature, tends to be rougher and heavier. Yet it can be colored, stained and polished to enhance the properties which are inherent to concrete. Cast concrete should be sealed and is a very low maintenance material.

 Gypsum is a calcium-based material. It is quite abundant throughout the world and is used for many purposes.

  Gypsum Plaster is one of them. Gypsum on its own tends to be softer than concrete, yet with the addition of aggregates and fortifiers, Gypsum can get quite hard, Gypsum doesn't do well in the elements, so it is used primarily indoors, Most cast stone fabricators prefer Gypsum for its light weight, versatility and its ability to capture details.           

 There is no doubt in the beauty of natural stone. Nature has bestowed upon us the awe and splendor to create the finest art and spectacular buildings. Inspired us with colors and textures from the grandest limestones to the fine cut brilliance of gemstones. No doubt.

 We have since the beginning sought to re-create nature's landscapes and works of art. Our passion for this has lead us in many directions. Cast Stone allows us the ability to re-create some fundamental uses of natural stone in a much more economical way. Cast Stone is lighter and can be manufactured locally. Saving transportation costs. And because of the use of molds and less expensive materials, Cast Stone can be quite cost effective.     

    Cast stone has been a prime building material for hundreds of years, The earliest known use of Cast Stone dates back to about the year 1138 in France.

    Today, two of the most widely used base materials are gypsum and concrete. Many different aggregates, from crushed limestone to various types of sands, crushed rocks, etc, are used to fortify and give textures. Typically organic minerals are used to achieve colors and highlights.

​   Cast Stone is cast into molds to form the desired shapes and details, eliminating the need to hand form or sculpt each piece individually. Also, the use of molds allows the consistency of the product usually not found in natural stone. 

Remodeling and Home Design
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Remodeling and Home Design
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