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​Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels and Custom Designs

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​(Shown in Desert)

​Smooth Travertine

​(Shown in Oak Flats)

​(Shown in Limestone)

​Glacier White 

​Heavy Aged Travertine

​Honed Travertine.

   Our High-Luster polish finish is a combination of high-quality organic waxes and lots of elbow grease. We don't use topical sealers or finishes. For, to us they just don't achieve the depth and effect that a hand rubbed surface can. Also, this finish can eliminate the need to paint to get a high gloss finish. Lacquer and Enamel paint jobs can be costly and you lose the beauty of polished marble and limestone.  

                  ​Smooth Hi-Luster Polish

              Medium Travertine 



​Colors are approximate only 

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​ Fireplace Mantels Colors/Textures

​Oak Flats

​(Shown in Bone)

  It all starts with the correct blend of ingredients. When natural stone forms it is in a raw unfinished state. When I asked our stone guru Sal what makes our product so different, he stated " most companies. once they cast the piece they are finished. We spend more time in finishing and detailing, after casting the piece".  Made sense to me.

   Just as a woodworker will take a slab of wood and bring out its true beauty with hours of sanding, oiling, and polishing. We put the same effort into our finished product.

    We use exclusively our in-house blends of fine waxes and polishes to get beneath the surface. From our hand rubbed honed finish to our High-Luster polished finishes, we seek to bring out the essence of the stone.                                                                                                                                                                  


​Samples available upon request 

   Throughout the years of experimenting, trial and error, and lots of clever notions and potions, we have finally have created what Mother Nature has done so well all along.The stone contains many of the ingredients and techniques that "Mom" used to form travertine limestone. The beauty of this ancient stone lies within the pitting caused by trapped carbon dioxide in the forming process. Also, giving the minerals and colors the distinctive motion found in Travertine. Our range of Travertine runs from smooth to heavy pitting. And since each piece is handcrafted by artists in our quarry in North Hollywood, they take on a character of their own.                                                                                     






Remodeling and Home Design

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Lite Travertine 

 For more information on this or any of our textures or finishes please feel free to contact us.  Ph.  818-272-1824                        email: yourmantelcompany.com 

   Our decorative concrete stone is a process involving colored cement and various types of sands. Acid stains are used to penetrate the surface, to give the concrete more depth for a deeper shine. Also, acid stains lock in the variegated coloring natural to concrete. We then polish with diamond pads and finish with Italian marble wax. Again this process can be applied to all of our textures.   

Black Absolute

Decorative Concrete Stone 

​(can be used with all of our textures)


​​ Our colors are cast throughout the product. We don't overlay colors, nor do we faux to get the desired highlights of stone. And since all the pieces are hand laid, they take on a uniqueness of their own. We blend our colors in-house to maintain the consistency of our Designer Series. If you need a custom color not on our chart, we will color match your sample for free.                          



Remodeling and Home Design